Fwife 0.7 : New version

Frugalware rc2 has been released this morning . Just before the freeze, I released a new version of Fwife.

Here is the changelog.

Some changes have been made to the package selection plugin.
Now, their is three differents choices : Basic, Intermediate and Expert.
The new one is the basic mode :

It is clearly designed for beginners. It provide a default installation of Frugalware. The only choice is the desktop environment so I added a picture and a short description for each one.

Furthermore, I noticed that the entry message of this plugin was not really clear. So I rewrote it to explain the differences between these three choices.

Another change in this plugin is that it is now possible to do a ‘base’ install of Frugalware using the Intermediate mode, so it is not needed to use the Expert mode anymore.

In the partionning plugin, I add a button to set a custom mount point. Previoulsy the ‘mountpoint’ column was editable to specify a custom mountpoint but some users told me that it was not really intuitive.

Since recently, Fwife is present on the cds/dvds of Frugalware. But so far, Fwife did not not support installation from an cd/dvd. It’s now supported.