UEvt (stand for UPower/UDisks Event) is a lightweight, desktop-independant power and disks manager.
It is written in Vala and under free GPL v3 licence.

Latest Version : uevt-2.3.tar.bz2
Git Repository : here
Translations : here

UEvt is composed of two independant parts :
– the power manager based on UPower.
– the disks manager based on UDisks.

UEvt is highly configurable using a simple text file.

Dependencies for this project are :
– DBus, UPower et UDisks
– libnotify >= 0.7

The power manager is able to :
– Manage batteries, UPS, rechargable mouse, etc.
– Notify the user (low battery, critical battery, …)
– Have an icon in the systray for suspending or hibernating the system.
– Can execute user’s commands on events.

The disk manager is able to :
– recognize devices and disks (audio, blank, data)
– Notify the user (device mounted, unmounted, removed, audio or blank disk)
– Can execute user’s commands on events.
– Have an icon in the systray for mounting/unmounting disks at will.

The software configuration is detailled here.

UEvt est available on :

Official Repository : pacman-g2 – S uevt

on AUR or with archlinuxfr repository.


Patchs or feedbacks are welcome at : elentir A frugalware.org