Here is a summary of the past, present and future projects on which I’m working.

Active Projects :

Frugalware Linux : Linux Distribution

  • ARM port maintainer
  • Graphical Installer
  • Packager

Uevt: A lightweight, desktop-independant power and disks manager.

Old Projects :

Fwife : Graphical Installer for Frugalware

Naimi-Trehel++ : Implementation of a mutual exclusion algorithm with Simgrid (Small doc ) (Distributed Algorithms 2010 – Montpellier 2 University)

Reztorrent : Bittorrent Client (L3 Project, Montpellier 2 University)

ARPL : Arbitrary Precision Library (C and Asm x86) (Documentation – French) (Projet IE4A 2008 – University of Burgondy, realized with Jonathan Aceituno)

Others :

Sur quelques applications du polynôme de Tutte : (French) (2010) – sources

Asm with Gcc : Tutorial on howto add inline asm in gcc (2008 – French)

Some of my projects can be found on the git repository :